CES: Geekery on full display

Are you feeling it? Cause we are.

Every year, tens of thousands of people descend upon Las Vegas for the annual CES convention. Thousands of companies’ share their latest technology and products, and everybody is following a trend from VR/AR, drones, self-driving cars and wearables. Very few of these products ever catch the attention of the mainstream. However, if you are a new product, there is not a better place to be. This is where innovation is born and celebrated, it is the true definition of what it means to be American. This year is our first year for Whirlwind FX to be showing at CES, and it is the year we launch. As a rite of passage for all hardware products, we at Whirlwind FX are excited beyond belief to be showcasing production Vortx’s (or Vortices). Also, we are going to have a presence in the Acer Pressroom at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Besides Vortx, I am excited to see what other gems and secrets the convention hall has in store for us. Being a maker myself, I am most excited for consumer laser cutters, cutters, and routers. Tools that made Vortx possible and allow innovation flourish!

Come by our booth 50916 in Eureka Park in the Sands Hotel.