Net Neutrality -- Voice Your Opinion

The repealing of net neutrality has given Internet Service Providers like Comcast the unregulated power to control how fast your internet speed is. It is the worst case scenario for gamers like myself because ISPs can target us by increasing our latency unless we pay higher fees. They could also make us pay for more data like downloading big games like DOOM or Forza. You could imagine that a company like Comcast would not implement these fee hikes immediately because of the PR nightmare, however, it does give them the license to test the limits of their powers and continue on the path to maximize their profits. Have you ever tried calling Comcast to fix your internet outage or even ask why your pings are astronomical while trying to get in a session of Destiny 2? It is awful.

Gaming and the internet have become such a large part of our culture. It democratizes information, and it helps the little guy much more than the big guy. Losing net neutrality is worse than getting barraged with micro-transactions within the game. This is in effect a taxation on all your internet usage. One way to fight back is to poll your local representative. Voice your opinion, no matter how small! You can find out who you local representative is here: