Post CES Mayhem

It was my first time at CES, and man oh man was it just craziness. Especially as a company demoing product to the public, it felt particularly insane. The flashing lights of Las Vegas plus the sheer size of CES can overwhelm even the most stalwart. The combination of feelings that I had ranged from being overwhelmed, underprepared, excited, and curious all at the same time. In the aftermath of it all, we had some really key highlights that are worth mentioning.

The best moment was when we were selected as a finalist for Engadget’s Best Gaming Product of CES 2018. To preface, winning Engadget’s Best of Show Award is like winning the Super Bowl for nerds. Let’s start with some stats: CES was projected to have over 20,000 products and 600 startups. There were probably 50-100 companies with a billion plus in valuation, not to mention the numerous funded startups littering the show floor and everything in between. They all come to compete for press and to get a shot at that coveted prize. To be a finalist and compete against giants like HTC and Nvidia was a big moment for Whirlwind FX. We are a small team fighting through the noise going toe-to-toe with the best and biggest consumer electronics companies in a category that is fiercely competitive.

I was also interviewed by Todd Cochrane from GeekNews for his Live Podcast for CES in addition to being interviewed by the DIY Network. It was awesome to share our creation with the world and demonstrate Vortx to the public. CES was exhausting and exciting at the same time, and being able to cut through the crowds and noise of CES and reach even the smaller publication and media outlets was excellent and gave us the opportunity to share our story.

I want to give my team huge congrats for a successful show, as we were competing against the many tech Goliaths. Haptics or sense of touch will usher in an augmented experience that will fundamentally improve our experience while gaming and the key is to be able to do so with all your favorite content. As a gamer, I rotate between 3-5 games constantly, and I am surprised by the depth of Vortx being able to adapt and improve the games that I have grown up playing. That is what gaming is about. It is about having the best experience with the games you love. Feeling is believing. Live the action.