Sea of Thieves & Vortx are Ready to Conquer the Seas

Childhood dreams of swashbuckling adventure are about to come to life as Sea of Thieves prepares to drop on March 20, 2018.

Arm yourself to the tooth with cannons and rapiers but don’t forget the most important thing of all, your Vortx. With its immersive technology, the Vortx will allow you to feel the raw power behind your cannons as you duke it out with other pirates. But be wary of the dangers that lie near as your enemies may very well blow a hole through your ship and you could be surprised with a sharp blast! Let the heat of your Vortx inspire you to conquer and sink your foes and then reward yourself with a victorious breeze as you sail off in triumph.


And while you clearly won’t be a landlubber throughout Sea of Thieves you’ll appreciate a good blast or two when scavenging new lands. You won’t feel short changed as your Vortx will follow you throughout your entire quest.

So don’t be caught without the proper PC gaming accessories or you might just be thrown overboard! Make sure you and your crew are properly armed to conquer both land and sea as you seek for glory and treasure!

Remember, the Vortx might not be a little birdie on your shoulder but it will be the best gaming accessory to help you enhance your gameplay without changing how you play!