Vortx and Destiny 2 Make Explosions Come to Life

Vortx is the dream come true video game accessory for PC gamers all around. With its immersive technology, you'll feel closer than ever to the action. Give classic games a new leash life or pick up something fresh and prepare yourself for surprises at every turn. 

Right now one of our top picks for games to use with Vortx is Destiny 2! With high impact action at every turn, you'll feel the threat of your enemy in the heat of the battle. Explosions come to life and create vivid experiences that leave you craving more. 

But we wouldn’t want to leave you hanging when the action dies down! Be prepared to dive into the elements as you trek through the lands to reach your destination. Your environment can become your best friend or your worst enemy as you brave areas like the desolate land of The Fortress or the competitive space of the Altar of Flame. Embrace the depth that Vortx helps provide and you’ll feel as though your PC has become a true battle field.

So, whether you're pitted against the Fallen, your next-door neighbor or even just a desert landscape, there are plenty of chances to use Vortx to capitalize on your PC gaming experience.  

Sit back, relax and let Vortx take you for a ride. Remember, enhance your gameplay without changing how you play!