Why We Can't Stop Playing Fortnite

Take to the stage with a battle royale! Our pick of the week for top games to use with Vortx is Fortnite! PC gamers are loving the game and we can’t help but agree. With a colorful landscape, building options and an arsenal of weapons at your disposal, Fortnite brings a fresh twist on an approach to the first person shooter scene.

Dawn your latest legendary skin and let Vortx provide you with gusts of air as you leap from roof to roof to escape from enemies. If you’re not a fan of walking away from your fight you can also loot up and arm yourself with a grenade launcher. Once you land that shot be prepared for the wave of heat that will ensue! With Vortx you’ll join brawls and feel as though you’re standing toe to toe with your foe.

And while you might not always want your enemy finding you at Fatal Fields or Anarchy Acres, you’ll appreciate your Vortx following you through your pursuit of victory. So, arm yourself with the perfect game and perfect video game accessory and prepare for intense combat right in the comfort of your own home.

Take your Vortx to battle and enhance your gameplay without changing how you play!