For a brand-new company starting out finding great people and great partners is essential to making the dream a reality. Lucky for us we found both - excellent people making exceptional products who were willing to partner with us. Thanks, Alienware!

The problem we had was we developed this beautiful new peripheral for PC gaming but we needed some photos, videos and other materials to show it off. We wanted to find excellent, authentic gaming equipment to put alongside Vortx.

When we reached out to Dell and Alienware and explained what we were working on they were incredibly supportive and interested in helping us with some loaner equipment. Within a week we had the following on its way to make us look good: 

Across our website and in all of our publicity materials you can see just how cool Vortx and Alienware display together. Everything worked great and looked beautiful, we were so sad to have to send it back we even purchased a laptop and mouse for ourselves. We absolutely could not have made it to launch without the support and generosity of Alienware. Thanks for all you did for us, you have earned loyal customers.

Special Thanks:

Claudina, Masaru, Kevin, Frank, Jason and the rest of the Dell and Alienware team.