About Us

Whirlwind FX's mission is to develop a fully-immersive experience that goes beyond the boundaries of sight and sound. The thrill of the sensation will unlock a new way of playing game, watching videos and experiencing media.

Meet our team.

The Team

Timothy Sun

Founder & CEO

Tim dreams of the most immersive experiences possible. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Stanford University and has a passion for engineering and mentorship. Tim enjoys hiking, soccer and eating ramen.



Matt is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and has been manipulating analog and digital signals for over 10 years. He has an obsessive passion for clean software, tight design patterns, tiny embedded systems and great audio.

Rhonda Giedt

VP of Marketing

Rhonda has been marketing games over 10 years for companies including Sega, EA, and Shockwave and now joins us. In her spare time she enjoys playing golf, wine tasting, and watching The Ohio State Buckeyes play football.