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Streamer Mode (BETA)



A new free enhancement to Vortx that includes:

  • Stream Notifications
  • ChatBot Integrations
  • Fan / Heater Mode
Streamers, this is a cool way to further show off a playthrough of a new game.


Notifications and the actions they represent are the lifeblood of a successful Streamer and deserve to be celebrated. With Vortx Streamer Mode (Beta) we amp up these celebrations:

  • BITS
It’s a unique immersion device built for an era when game developers are pushing at the edges of escapism from every angle, with every human sense.

To access Streamer Mode you will need to log-in and link you Twitch account.



For the first time ever Streamers and their chat will be able to physically interact from the comforts of their homes via Vortx and in stream ChatBot Commands

  • !HYPE

    A light and air extravaganza


    Down and dirty puffs of warm air

  • !FIRE

    100% heat for 100% lit gameplay


    Soothing air and colors to relax with

It’s for the gamer looking into the future of where gaming as medium is going.


Heat up your gameplay or cool it down.
Fan / Heater mode allows users to enjoy games at the perfect temperature.
Turn your Vortx unit into either a desktop fan or heater with precise controls for intensity.

…it’s no doubt an unforgettable product that we encourage you to try if you get the chance.



Why did you add this to Vortx?
We are huge fans of the streaming community and the entertainment and enjoyment they provide. Vortx allows you to feel the excitement and atmosphere of your games. By combining the two we can bring a new level of presence and immersion to streaming and a greater level interaction between streamers and their community.
Why would you use Vortx as a streamer?
Vortx is a new technology and could serve as a way to differentiate in a competitive market. Using Vortx as an environmental simulator for girst play-throughs and PvE gameplay adds greater immersion to the experience and potentially a more intersting viewer expreience to a community. Vortx’s notification “slot machine” adds an exciting physical and visual reporting of stream activity. ChatBot integration adds a fun, interactive physical interaction between streamer and community for the first time ever.
When does this come out?
On November 1st, 2018 we will push a release of Vortx Streamer Mode (Beta) along with an algorithm update to all users of Vortx for free
How much does this cost?
Vortx Streamer mode to all consumers have purchased Vortx. Vortx is available now on our website www.whirlwindfx.com for $119.99
How can I get Vortx’s Streamer Mode (Beta)?
All you need to do is turn on your unit on or after November 1st and the software will automatically push an update. Streamer Mode Beta software will be present on the Vortx Engine UI.
What do you need for Vortx Streamer Mode (Beta)
x1 Vortx unit
x1 The Vortx Engine software downloaded from our website and loaded on your PC
x1 A Twitch account
What streaming services will Streamer Mode (Beta) work with?
For this Beta we are only accomodating Twitch streamers but as we build out the software and observe user feedback we will consider adding other streaming services when we roll out the full release.
What will streamer mode full release be?
We will be actively looking and listening to how users interact with Streamer Mode (Beta) and make some decisions based off those learnings. However, currently we have plans to allow for extensive customization and control of all the different notifications. We also have plans for several other extensions for streamers and even a few for viewers. For example, streamers and viewers who opt-in to the mode will be able to send sub-audio notifications to one another to physicallly interact with one another through the Vortx machine.