Your Games,


At WhirlwindFX, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation to elevate the gaming experience to new heights. Our technology enables dynamic, customizable illumination that synchronizes to any game or video immersing you into the action. The possibilities of our software engine opens up a whole new way to experience content.


How the Ex Engine Works

The Ex Engine analyzes on-screen video and makes intelligent lighting decisions based on the experience. The Ex Engine will modulate the lighting to match in game explosions, damage taken, healing done, new environments explored and much more.

And Customized

No more messy config or bloated apps for setup. Your lighting is at your fingertips giving you complete control over your setup. Your RGB will not only do as you say, but also interact with your gaming experience.

deep effect customization

Design and share reactive effects for all lighting peripherals using Javascript and HTML5 Canvas.

Want to create unique effect for your favorite games or videos? We empower developers to connect their peripherals to their favorite games.
The Ex Engine lets you create your own custom effects to in-game events and videos.