What is Whirlwind FX?

Whirlwind FX is the maker of Vortx, the world's first environment simulator for PC gaming. Founded in 2017 Whirlwind FX's mission is to develop a fully-immersive experience that goes beyond the boundaries of sight and sound. The thrill of the sensation will unlock a new way to feel a game, watch a video and experience digital media.

What is Vortx?

What does Vortx do?

How does Vortx work?

Does the Vortx experience vary?

How would you explain Vortx to a kid?

How does the EX Algorithm work?

What games does Vortx work with?

Have I seen something like the Vortx before?

Where do I place the Vortx?

How many Vortx units do I need?

Will the Vortx work with (2) units?

Does the Vortx have any safety precautions?

How loud is the Vortx?

Where is the Vortx available?