Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When will products ship?
    • We are accepting pre-orders now. Vortx will be begin shipping direct to consumers starting in February.
  • How much power does the unit use and what kind of power requirements are required?
    • Vortx consumes up to 150 watts of power during normal usage and up to 400 watts during maximum usage; it requires 120 VAC.
  • How far does the device have to be and where do I place the device?
    • The Vortx works from up to 6 feet from the user. Ideal placement is pointed at the user’s chest or higher and sitting stationary on a desk or table.
  • How do you integrate into all games and experiences?
    • The Whirlwind FX engine uses object recognition and analysis to automatically trigger visceral stimuli, so you can use Vortx with any of your favorite games or movies. In short, the software engine reads what is on screen eliminating the need for any developer support or integration.
  • How is the device setup and integrated with my computer?
    • Install the Whirlwind FX engine first, then connect the Vortx to your source with the included USB cable. Plug in the attached power cable and enjoy your favorite games or movies!
  • How much CPU does Vortx use?
    • At maximum output, Vortx will only consume up to 1-2% of your CPU.
  • How durable is Vortx?
    • While regular servicing is not required, we encourage you to keep your Vortx unit clean by wiping any dust or surface particles off with a dry cloth or towel (do not use a cleaning solvent). Additional care can be taken by blowing out any openings with compressed air.
  • What safety features are built into Vortx?
    • Standard safety features based on the personal space heating and cooling industry are integrated with Vortx. We use flame-retardant, durable plastics that are designed to withstand high temperatures and self-limiting heating elements with regulated thermal fuses and bimetallic strips.
  • Do you offer any guarantees or refunds?
    • Whirlwind FX products have a lifetime limited warranty barring excessive wear and tear. Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis if products show manufacturing defects or operate outside of normal parameters.