Congratulations on being an exclusive owner of Vortx

To begin, click on the download below and install the Whirlwind Engine on your PC computer. Once the software installed, plug in Vortx and start playing your favorite games!

Videos and gaming must FILL THE SCREEN for Vortx software to get the best experience. 

Full screen for videos.

Full screen or windowed mode for games must fill up the whole screen.

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Try out these trailer experiences with Vortx:

Fortnite Cinematic Launch Trailer

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Opening Cinematic

Call of Duty: WWII Launch Trailer


Virtual Reality:

For virtual reality experiences, it is very important that the game mirrors the experience on your monitor, and also the mirrored window fills the ENTIRE SCREEN. If it is a smaller window, drag the edges of the window to fill up the entire monitor. (Exactly like watching a video in full screen mode)


Hardware Instructions:

Once Vortx is connected to the software engine, the intensity knob on the front of the device allows you to control the intensity of the wind, heat and color. To switch between these three intensity controls, push the intensity knob like a button.

Adjust the nozzle up and down to get the perfect airflow angle. 

Turn off the unit when not in use!