What are the system requirements to use SignalRGB?

What is SignalRGB?

What devices are supported by SignalRGB?

What if my device is on the supported devices list, but SignalRGB doesn't detect it?

What is the difference between SignalRGB and SignalRGB Pro?

What is included in SignalRGB and SignalRGB Pro?

How do I subscribe to SignalRGB Pro?

What is SignalRGB’s refund policy?

Does SignalRGB respond to music?

Does SignalRGB respond to video?

Does SignalRGB respond to games?

How can I make lightscripts?

I bought or own a Whirlwind FX product, do I have to subscribe to get access to SignalRGB Pro lightscripts?

My third-party devices are flashing white while using SignalRGB. What is causing this?

Why are my internal components not showing up in SignalRGB?

Does SignalRGB support assigning macros?

Why is my peripheral product frozen and not responding to content on the canvas? Why is half my keyboard stuck? Why are my mouse lights stuck?

How do I unsubscribe from SignalRGB Pro?

When I try to install SignalRGB, I get an error 0xc0000142.

Does SignalRGB support macOS?

When I try to install SignalRGB, I get an error saying VCRUNTIME140.dll and MSVCP140.dll is missing.

Why is my peripheral not showing media effects / flipping between effects a lot?

Corsair Device Troubleshooting

Do I need drivers to use SignalRGB?

Does SignalRGB support ultrawide monitors?

Do I need to firmware update my devices to use SignalRGB?

Can I add support for my own devices to SignalRGB?

How do I set up RGB fans or LED strips to work with SignalRGB?