SignalRGB Pro Beta

Join us and be a part of the RGB evolution!
Our mission is to unify RGB across all peripherals and brands, and we need your help to do it.

SignalRGB Free

SignalRGB Pro

Support for 200+ RGB devices
85+ unique idle effects with deep customization options
DPI control on 40+ mice
80+ top game integrations with adjustable settings*
Advanced pixel accurate screen ambience effect*
7+ one-of-a-kind audio visualizers*
Early access to upcoming game integrations and new features

* Whirlwind FX peripherals enjoy access to all effects free.


$4.99 / mo

  • Save 0%

  • $4.99 billed every month

6-month plan

$3.99 / mo

  • Save 20%

  • $29.94 $23.94 for the first 6 months

1-year plan

$2.99 / mo

  • Save 40%

  • $59.98 $35.88 for the first year