Specs & Features

Using high-quality components and innovative software, Vortx is built to amplify every multimedia situation. No longer are you confined to just sight and sound -- get your Vortx today and start living the action.

Air Deflector

Our innovative hinged plate forces air through heating elements for precise temperature control and simulated stimuli.

Intensity Control

Adjust the airflow and temperature level of Vortx effects with the oversized front dial. Ideal for gaming situations with multiple users.

Adjustable Nozzle

With full-tilt capabilities, customize your Vortx experience by adjusting the direction of airflow to fit your viewing position.

EX Algorithm

Our patented Environment Experience (EX) algorithms drive the Vortx, creating physical responses to dynamic media. Simply, Vortx lets you feel what you see and hear.

Compact Design

Standing only 5 1/2” wide and 9” tall, Vortx produces effects that can be felt up to 6 feet away making it perfect for any viewing situation.

Modular System

With its simple plug-and-play interface, pair two (2) Vortx units together for the ultimate 4D experience!

What’s In The Box

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For PC gaming enthusiasts who want to enhance your game play without changing how you play.

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