Trailblazer Rewards

You and your friend both get rewards when you refer them with the personalized link you receive once you sign up. Join today for FREE!

For each friend that purchases a Vortx with your personalized link, you get:

                         Friends Referred          Referral Cash

                         1                                      $25
                         2                                      $35
                         3                                      $45
                         4                                      $55
                         5                                      $65
                         6                                      $75
                         7                                      $85
                         8                                      $95
                         9                                      $110
                         10                                    $120

Plus your friend gets a FREE carrying bag when they purchase from your personalized link!

The best part, you GET PAID EVERY MONTH for your referrals.* So refer away and start getting paid today! Join today!


*Referral number resets at the beginning of each month. Referral Cash is paid out by Visa or MasterCard gift card. Cards will be mailed out the first week of each month for the prior month's referral cash.