Whirlwind FX is leading software innovation in RGB gaming peripherals. Our patented software detects critical events in ANY game using smart screen analysis to trigger lighting effects across your Whirlwind FX devices. You can create virtually anything with our HTML5 / JavaScript canvas-based creation system.

Check out our fast-growing library of game integrations that feature deep effects and insane customization. New game integrations are released weekly and existing integrations are always being updated to include new features.

 Hollow Knight

 Dark Souls 3

 Portal 2

 Heroes of the Storm

 Halo MCC

 Risk of Rain 2

 Ark: Survival Evolved

 Teamfight Tactics



 Spelunky 2

 Monster Hunter

 Fallout 4

 Diablo III



 Borderlands 3


 AC Valhalla

 Ghost Runner

 Team Fortress 2


 COD: Black Ops Cold War

 No Man's Sky

 Fall Guys


 Among Us

 Rocket League

 Rainbow Six Siege

 Destiny 2

 Hyper Scape


 Doom Eternal


 Path of Exile

 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

 Dota 2


 League Of Legends

 Cyberpunk 2077




 Call of Duty: Warzone

 Apex Legends


 Minecraft Dungeons