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Imagine being able to feel the impact and heat of battlefield explosions in Call of Duty. Or the rush of air as you soar through the skies in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Or even the swirling inferno of Dracarys’ fiery breath in Game of Thrones.

Vortx is the world’s first environmental simulator made for all your gaming and video experiences. It simulates virtual effects, such as wind and fire, to bring you the ultimate in gaming immersion.

With Vortx, don’t just see the action -- live it.

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How Vortx Works

How Vortx Works

Vortx is the first in-home system that bridges real and virtual environments. Vortx controls the airflow and temperature of its nearby surroundings to replicate on-screen scenarios, such as explosions or gunfire. By analyzing what is happening in the scene Vortx emulates both subtle and overt environmental cues to transport you into the heart of the action.

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What People Are Saying About Vortx

Tom's Guide
“I found that the added heat and wind sensations were just strong enough to pull me into the action...it could quite literally make virtual reality games and movies both cooler and hotter.”

– Tom's Guide

Venture Beat
“While feeling the blowing of a breeze was pleasant, the Vortx’s other trick is what impressed me most: It can radiate pulses of heat.”

– Venture Beat

“...add an exhilarating element to [VR] gameplay — short bursts of air for near-miss gunfire, larger for explosions...It goes further by adding a heating feature, which lets you feel a campfire’s glow — or that dragon’s breath.”

– Makezine

“...an impressive demo in-person as it simulated a gamer’s virtual environment with airflow and heat.”

– Forbes