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Vortx lets you feel what you see and hear on-screen. Compatible with all your favorite PC games and videos.

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“...the added heat and wind sensations were just strong enough to pull me into the action...it could quite literally make virtual reality games and movies both cooler and hotter.”

Tom’s Guide

“While feeling the blowing of a breeze was pleasant, the Vortx’s other trick is what impressed me most: It can radiate pulses of heat.”

Venture Beat

“...when you’re in the midst of battle and suddenly a grenade explodes right near you, then it gives a cool effect.”


“...add an exhilarating element to [VR] gameplay — short bursts of air for near-miss gunfire, larger for explosions...It goes further by adding a heating feature, which lets you feel a campfire’s glow — or that dragon’s breath.”


“...an impressive demo in-person as it simulated a gamer’s virtual environment with airflow and heat.”


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