How to replace keycaps on your MX style mechanical keyboard

Ready to switch out your keyboard’s original keycaps for the Pudding or Lightcap Keycaps to customize your setup? All you need is 15 minutes and our easy-to-use keycap removal tool. Here are a few tips:

1. Use the tool to remove all of the small keycaps (the keycap removal tool is included in your Element Keyboard box)



2. For the larger keycaps left behind, you can also use the keycap removal tool, but take extra care to slowly remove the keycap from the stabilizer. Use both hands to stabilize the key and pull it off the stabilizer mechanism as perpendicular to the keyboard surface as possible.


3. Using the diagram below, align the proper key and push down onto the keycap to seat it firmly into the mechanical switch. The same method applies for the larger keycaps with stabilizers. Use multiple fingers to push the keycap down into the stabilizer firmly.


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