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About Whirlwind FX

Whirlwind FX is the maker of Vortx, the world's first environmental simulator for the PC. Founded in 2016, Whirlwind FX's mission is to develop a fully-immersive experience that adds a level of presence and depth, going beyond the boundaries of sight and sound. The thrill of the sensation will unlock a new way to feel a game, watch a video and experience digital media. Vortx officially launched September 2018 in North America. WFX is a self-funded startup based in the Bay Area.

Whirlwind FX was founded by PC gamers who wanted to democratize the gaming experience melding hardware with software. We thrive to provide hardware and accessories engineered to push the boundaries of elite performance, premium quality, affordability and immersion.

Our mission is to develop fully-immersive experiences that add next-level presence and depth. The thrill of the sensation will unlock a new way to game, watch a video and experience digital media.

Our claim to fame is Vortx, the first wind and heat machine that works with any game. Then we turned to mechanical keyboards using our deep technological advantage. The Element is the only RGB LED keyboard that can respond to any game or video with dynamic RGB effects.

Immerse yourself and upgrade your battlestation. Join us in revolutionizing gaming forever. 


Timothy is a Silicon Valley-grown PC gamer and the concept creator and inventor behind Whirlwind FX’s vision of next-level immersive gaming. At Whirlwind FX, he leads the team to continuously push the boundaries of the entertainment experience.


Matt is an experienced software architect and the creator of Whirlwind FX’s patented EX algorithm, which uses deeper intelligence in real-time to visual interactive media. His bread-and-butter is clean software, tight design patterns, tiny embedded systems and great audio.


Douglas leads the manufacturing and production for hardware. He is a product creation veteran having manufactured products over the decades of experience.