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Whirlwind FX is the maker of Vortx, the world's first environmental simulator for the PC. Founded in 2016, Whirlwind FX's mission is to develop a fully-immersive experience that adds a level of presence and depth, going beyond the boundaries of sight and sound. The thrill of the sensation will unlock a new way to feel a game, watch a video and experience digital media. Vortx officially launched September 2018 in North America. WFX is a self-funded startup based in the Bay Area.



    Tim is the creator of the Vortx. He leads hardware design and production, ensuring Vortx delivers an incredible, gaming experience. Tim loves engineering entertainment that is imaginative and interactive, bringing to life experiences that have never been done before. Tim enjoys hiking, soccer and eating ramen.



    Matt is the Head of Software at Whirlwind FX and creator of the EX algorithm, the innovative software technology powering the Vortx that leverages both audio and on-screen video cues in real time. Matt is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and has been manipulating analog and digital signals for over 10 years. He has an obsessive passion for clean software, tight design patterns, tiny embedded systems and great audio.



    Phil leads the go-to-market process and product roadmap for Vortx. He is a videogames industry veteran having worked at both at Midway and Electronic Arts for over a decade. Phil has launched AAA titles such as Crysis, Bulletstorm, Dante’s Inferno, NFL Blitz, NBA Ballers and NHL Hitz among others. In 2012 Phil left the games industry to start his own company which was sold in 2016. He returns to the games industry at Whirlwind FX filled with excitement to blow consumers away with Vortx.