$ 79.99
$ 79.99
Vortx is the first environmental simulator for PC gaming that creates wind and heat effects in real time.
  • Vortx works with any game or multimedia experience.
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Bob R.
United States

It's getting hot in here

So this was the best part of PAX East for me, after trying it out there I ordered two of them that following weekend. Once they arrived I tried them first on YouTube because I spent the weekend looking for things they could be tried on... so I went with wingsuits and WoW Firelands! The wing suit videos were great once you found something head mounted, the fans kicked on and you really felt like you were almost there. It was so cool I dragged my wife and saw her in front of one. Next I put on a fireplace video and again the fans came to life blowing warm air at us... very cool! Firelands in WoW was a little bit of a test as much of the land is well, orange so the fans had a bit to deal with but overall I think they did a good job. The one thing I noticed with games is your camera view really comes into play, so if you are zoomed out you do not get quite the reaction from the fans as you would hope for, but in first person the fans did pretty good. I actually "stood in fire" in WoW to get the full effect :-) Now the one thing I will point out is that my setup with two Vortx(I have a 34" monitor and the setup at PE was basically the same) is in a 12' x 15' room and after playing\watching for a while I went downstairs to get something to drink... when I walked back into the room it was much toastier then the first time I entered! But they are pretty amazing, this really does bring the action to life and the folks there are great to answer questions and make suggestions. One of the better upgrades I have made!


It's amazing

Price is good it's a nice and cool genarator and it works amazingly it's awesome l 100% reconmend this for gamers like me.

William R.

A new way to game or "feel" the game !

the experience I got from the vortex, well I guess its just awesome ,,, I can feel the heat from flames in games ,,, the cold form the snow ,, cant say much bad about the product ! im enjoying the whole gaming experience with the vortex ! awesome product !


Interesting product

I never heard of this product until I saw it first hand at PAX East last weekend. The guys on the floor pitching the product were young, and super excited about the product. On the show floor they were selling it for 60 bucks. I said what the ****. Got home, set it up, started playing some games. Played Overwatch, Doom, and a few others. One of the most interesting peripherals that I have ever used. The response is pretty good, and I love the option to statically set it as a fan, or a space heater. Fortunately, you can adjust the sensitivity on it for both air and heat. I got to say, when it blasts heat...it blasts heat. Especially while playing doom. I started sweating. Then again, I had the sensitivity all the way up. Adjusted it to my preference, and since then, it’s made my gaming experience more immersive. Been using it for almost a week now, and it is a game changer, and has so much more potential. I hope Razer and Philips Hue eventually support it. Would love for all of my RGB lighting to be on the same page. But other than that. Definitely a cool product. Would recommend to anyone who wants to feel the game. If you have a Vive or an Oculus, I can only imagine how immersive it can get!


I'm not gonna lie...

I'm not gonna lie I was skeptical bout this product often joking about it on their page on Facebook. I decided to buy to see what it was about. Mostly played Battlefield 5 and tried a could of other games and i'm now i'm convinced. This unique experience really does bring gaming to another level of immersion. Nothing drastic or earth shattering but for sure something to really appreciate. If I could do it all over again, I would buy this product. For the price, definitely worth the experience.