Compatible with all full-sized standard 104 US layout keyboards.

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 Level up your keyboard

Whirlwind FX has two different MX style keycaps that fit any standard bottom row 104 key full-sized keyboard. Both keycap sets offer quality materials and will make your keyboard brighter than ever before.

 Pudding Caps

Pudding Caps sport translucent side walls for a floating effect, and shine-through characters on the top surface. Pudding caps are made from double-shot PBT material for superior durability and solid construction. Legible characters are molded right into the keycaps, ensuring your letters will never wear out.


Lightcaps have a translucent-white top for end-game RGB lighting. Ninja characters are laser-etched into the side of each keycap's wall for the minimalist pro who doesn't need the handicap. The oil-resistant matte finish top are built with textured, high-grade ABS which is less prone to shiny buildup.

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Paul M.
United States United States

Had a small error during shipment and didn't get all the items I had ordered! Prestige helped me out and took great care of me! Sent out the new items right away! Amazing customer service! Thank you prestige! You are awesome! And the light strips and keyboard are beyond amazing! Awesome! Will definitely keep purchasing due to the customer service. A+++

Enrique R.
United States United States
I love it

I like the keyboard and the wrist thing I bought

Joshua W.
United States United States
an honest review

the LEDS pair really well the keyboard and vortx. i would recommend this people

gav w.
United States United States
Pudding Caps

Overall, I enjoy them. Complaints: 1)The LEDs are bright, but on the bottom row if you are in a high light environment they get through the translucent material just barely. All the other rows are fine because they have light from the keys below them to help them out. This is especially hurtful for the large keys like the spacebar. 2) The photo of they keys is inaccurate. Currently they have a photo with no media icons on the F5-F12 buttons, but once they arrived, they have the standard ****** white paint-stuff drawn on as the Media Icon, instead of the Translucent material. 3) Flashing(Left Over plastic) from the original cuts are still on all the keys’ behinds. It’s not annoying, and I never notice it by feel…but its still something I noticed with my set. 4) They are a different height and texture than the original keycaps. The originals are a glossy type of cap that personally I dont like as much as matte/textured, but thats just me. The Pudding Caps are shorter by about one tenth of an inch, and they have a textured surface(that I like, but isn’t advertised). Due to this its not seamless to have for instance your WASD keys as the pudding caps, and other keys as standard because of the different heights. Complements: 1) I LOVE how they look! If you don't have a set you SHOULD BUY it. They RGB is so much more visible and effects are just so much better. In their own advertisements for the integration they are using pudding caps in case you haven’t noticed. 2) I LOVE the texturing. One downside to the original keycaps was that they were that glossy type…these are textured like - I guess you could call it leather…but hard plastic. Notes: I decided to use the Old Keycaps on the Spacebar, (I remapped my keys so also a Win Key on the direct right side of the spacebar) due to the weak light issue, as well as the F5-PauseBreak/E* because of the printing weirdness.

James G.
United States United States
Better than OG

Amazing keycaps they bring out the pop that the keyboard needs for its software. They also have a better grip than the standard keycaps that come with the original keyboard.