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 Amazing Looks

WhirlwindFX Keycaps feature MX style keycaps that fit any standard 104 key, full-sized keyboard. Pudding keycaps sport a translucent side walls and shine-through characters on the top surface. Lightcap keycaps have a translucent top surface with ninja or side-profile laser-etched characters.

 Pudding Caps

Pudding caps are made of double shot PBT material for superior durability and solid construction. Legible characters are molded right into the keycap meaning your letters will never wear out.


Lightcaps have a translucent-white top for end-game RGB lighting. The ninja characters are laser etched on the side of the keycap wall for the minimalist pro who doesn't need the handicap. The oil-resistant matte finish tops are made of textured, high-grade ABS which is less prone to shiny buildup.