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Vortx is the first environmental simulator for PC gaming that creates wind and heat effects in real time.

Experience dynamic RGB lighting on a whole new level. Uplevel your rig and extend the possibilities of customized illumination synced across our entire collection.



1 Year warranty

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“Just when you thought RGB lighting couldn't get any better"

 - Windows Central

 Design your universe

Developed to enhance your immersion, the WhirlwindFX Lightstrips create dynamic, customized experiences across your entire battlestation.

 Pushing RGBoundaries

Our ecosystem is your gateway to a deep library of game integrations, preset profiles, dynamic ambience and audio visualizers. There is a little bit of light for everybody from gaming, watching Youtube, or listening to music. Experience the light show of a lifetime.

 Stay ahead of the game

Signal, our software engine, detects critical utility moments to produce synchronized LED patterns to heighten immersion. Our game integrations are built for the latest games without the frustrating limitations of developer integration.

 Join our community

Gain access to our exclusive, fast-growing library of lightscripts for customized illumination. Our community continues to develop boundless effects that ripple across your setup. Invest in the future of your interactive entertainment.

 Zero hassle setup

Each 20-inch Lightstrip offers 30 LEDs with adhesive foam. They are daisy-chainable to three different lengths—1, 2 or 4 Lightstrips, spanning up to 80-inches—to meet the needs of your setup. Plug in your WhirlwindFX Lightstrips and play your media. It's that simple.