Immersion like you’ve never felt it before. Vortx is the world's first environmental simulator for PC gaming that utilizes our unique algorithm to detect game events and bring the action to life. 



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Vortx is the world's first environmental simulator for PC gaming. It creates wind and heat effects synced in real time with the action on screen.

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"It's a unique immersion device built for an era when game developers are pushing at the edges of escapism from every angle, with every human sense."

- Engadget

Turn up the Heat

Vortx analyzes the audio and video of your game to trigger physical effects. Experience the heat from every grenade explosion, or the wind whipping across your face as you dive into an intense battle royale match.

Performance we stand behind.

Built with a ceramic heater and a high-powered fan, and housed in a temperature-resistant shell. Backed up with our hassle-free warranty and in-house customer support team. With dual-function mode, the device even doubles as a smart fan.


An LED-framed adjustable sensitivity dial helps you choose the perfect temperature and airflow for an experience tuned to your surroundings. Select an idle color that matches your rig, and during gameplay, Vortx will match the scene on your screen and sync with your other peripherals.

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Richard D.
United States United States

Works great

After a found the drivers for the LED strips on the Whirlwind site, everything worked flawlessly. I love that the fx strips mirror my screen for an awesome backlight ambiance. Also, I’m playing Morrowind with the Vortx and it’s pretty cool to have a gush of wind when spells are going off all around. It made me jump when a mage ambushed me. It doesn’t always push air when you think it should (such as walking in a sandstorm), but the Vortx does add some much appreciated immersion to the game. The LED strips and Vortx are definitely worth a try. And I hope Whirlwind keeps adding software updates to the Vortx to make it sync even better to games.

Jason L.
United States United States

Great idea...will anxiously await the next iteration with olfactory sensing...

This is a GREAT first product. But...we want MORE! Yep, more. Give us SMELL...AND wind, AND ambient temperature...THEN, along with a VR setup and a 6-DOF motion platform, we MIGHT then be "satisfied"... But, probably not! Seriously, tho...give us SCENT! It has to have more variety, and LOTS of it, and be constantly updatable. LOVE this idea!

Shane S.
Canada Canada

Customer Service is amazing!

I had a small issue with my vortx and i was expecting to have a hard time with the customer support as it usually is at most places however i was pleasently surprised to see that they were amazing. They kept it simple, found out what the issue was, and found the best solution to have the issue fixed quickly. Seems like an all around great team and great product. If you ever want to feel immersed, this is the product for you. (I have colored bulbs so i turn those on and turn the vortx on and i feel like im in the game or video im watching). Thanks again!

Chad R.
United States United States

Exactly what I wanted

I got mine a couple weeks ago and it does exactly what I wanted, it is a little louder than I expected but no issue when I'm wearing my headset

United Kingdom United Kingdom

@Vortex... i know how to solve your problem... !

im clever and an engineering background.... just watched Steve Nexus's teardown of your device.... and i understand what your doing.... its very commendable, but not quiet practical/realistic is it (sorry).... hard to engineer, but here we go....... you contact a gaming house, and in between you, you calibrate your microphone to receive sounds higher than the human ear or animals can hear (dont want to be upsetting our furry friends do we?) that sound is played in response to a game and what its doing.... like cfax in a tv picture, they write the noises into the game which your vortex needs to be more realistic and accurate to the prevailing circumstances.... it can't guess with any real accuracy and this is what it needs... to be told what to do....!!!!! both you and the gaming house then market the game, they are a first with "vortex reality" software enabled in their games, and it advertises your product.... win win in my mind.... and the customers win as well..... 3 way wins are the best !!!..... so, get rid of that fan and use a "be quiet" or other low Db fan as that's also a problem.... sell them in pairs as well like "Stereo"..... now 2 channels would really make a difference, with 2 sets of noises each unit would know which pitch belongs to the left then the right unit...... (harden/thicken them plastic casing sides as well as they could resonate.... thanks) i want royalties for my idea thank you.... but i wont get any... but it's been a pleasure to help you, just needed someone to think out of the box to solve your probs and get your product up and running..... i'll look for my "stereo Vortex MKII" on sale soon enough.... good idea guys/gals... just needed a push in the right direction.... im 58 M from uk.... Good luck implementing this :-))