Immersion like you’ve never felt it before. Vortx is the world's first environmental simulator for PC gaming that utilizes our unique algorithm to detect game events and bring the action to life. 



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gaming just got cooler

Vortx produces physical effects like wind and heat synced with game conditions in real-time to help users experience the on-screen environment and intensify immersion — introducing an entirely new category of PC gaming peripherals.

  • Works with all of your games
  • Plug-and-play
  • 30-day money back guarantee

"It's a unique immersion device built for an era when game developers are pushing at the edges of escapism from every angle, with every human sense."

- Engadget


An LED-framed adjustable sensitivity dial helps you choose the perfect temperature and airflow for an experience tuned to your surroundings. Select an idle color that matches your rig, and during gameplay, Vortx will match the scene on your screen and sync with your other peripherals.

 Turn up the Heat

Our Software Engine’s custom ambience technology analyzes audio and video streams to recognize game context and trigger effects that mirror your environment. Feel pulses of heat with every explosion, icy air in subzero climates, or the wind whipping across your face as you dive into an intense battle royale match.

Performance we stand behind

Built with a ceramic heater and a high-powered fan, and housed in a temperature-resistant shell. Backed up with our hassle-free warranty and in-house customer support team. With dual-function mode, the device even doubles as a smart fan.

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James G.
United States
Extremely ambitious, super close...

The Vortx is one of the coolest tech items I’ve purchased In a while. I love the 4D experience that you’re able to immerse yourself in if done properly. My favorite games to play so far with the Vortx are Doom and Battlefield V. Upsides of the Vortx include, nice heat and fan power, good leds that you can tune to match your rgb strips and keyboard, customization and immersion. When it comes to the downsides of the Vortx their are a couple that I have. First off the sMeLL. It doesn’t have a pleasant smell especially if it’s blowing heavy air. It usually has a bad plastic smell that seems like somethings melting on the inside. I just want to open it and stick a car air freshener in. Secondly the noises. Nobody likes loud whirring screeches and when the Vortx is idling it tends to make a slight screech sound that can take away from the immersion and when it is getting those big gust of air it can be pretty loud. And lastly the size. It’s not huge but if you don’t have the space it might hinder your setup. Overall the product is great with a couple not so minor flaws that would be great to see fixed in newer versions. I’d definitely recommend this product to others and I’d be more than happy to test newer versions for others :)

Jeff .
software downfall

Amazing, but their only Achille heel is their software. They need the glitches out. Its pretty glitchy.

Whirlwind FX

Hey Jeff! We just updated the software last night! I suggest you try out the newest version asap! Thanks, WFX

David Z.
United States


Michael S.
United States
Offers up a very unique expreince

Takes a little bit of time to adjust the sensitivity of the device but it works well once it's nicely tweaked. Really great for VR.

A Whirlwind FX Customer
Arthur W.
United States

i really love this and when playing online and getting shot by a rocket the blast is so hot it is amazing, when u parachute in you get blown away, overall very awesome