Our current favorite PC games to play on Element

Have you met Element V2? Think the same great software and hardware with an updated design for new and improved stabilizers and keycaps. The revamped version of our content-reactive mechanical keyboard syncs dynamic RGB effects for customized illumination with any PC game.

Element is more than just a keyboard – it's infinite content at your fingertips. Access a fast-growing library of game integrations for insane customization and next-level reactive effects. 

New integrations drop every week, spanning from cult favorites to the most anticipated new releases, so we’ll never keep you waiting. Here are a few of our team’s favorite games to play on Element right now.

Call of Duty Warzone

First person shooter games are stellar on the keyboard. COD Warzone has unique gameplay effects that trigger on simple things like armor, a red and white flashing wave effect to alert you when you take damage, and a variety of synced colors for shields and other game events.


The Valorant integration has four unique effects for each agent in the game. So with twelve agents and a thirteenth on the way, that is 48+ effects within the game for each character’s unique gameplay style and color scheme. The thirteenth agent, Skye, will have some unique RGB effects for her abilities. We're excited to play a sentinel/healer hybrid since they nerfed Sage.

Among Us

The Among Us integration is fun because the effects really amp up the immersive nature and vibe of the game play experience. It’s one of those games where hunting out the killers is just about you and your friends, but having that extra bit of immersion into the hunt proves really compelling.


The third person rogue-like RPG is easy to get lost in, seeing how far you can crawl the dungeons moving from room to room. In Hades, we have RGB effects for shard increase, health and darkness. Hades has a dark, cartoonish mythological feel where you crawl the underworld, and Element places you seamlessly within this dark alternative reality.

Check out all of the latest integrations here for rippled custom effects across our complete peripheral ecosystem.

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