Element FAQ

What are the Element's System Requirements?

The following are required to use the Element RGB mechanical keyboard:

  • A free USB port (Type A, 2.0 or higher)
  • Windows 10
  • 250mb of disk space

How do I control the lighting on my Element?

To customize the lighting on your Whirlwind FX Element, you will need to download and install our software, SignalRGB. It is available for download here.

How long is the warranty valid?

The Whirlwind FX Element is covered by our one-year warranty.

Is the Element compatible with other types of keycaps?

The Element is compatible with all of our replacement keycap sets, as well as any other mechanical keycap sets designed for the ANSI layout with MX-style stems.

Are the keyswitches user-replaceable? 

The Element's mechanical keyswitches are not replaceable by the end user.

Is the Element supported in macOS?

The Element keyboard itself will function when connected to a Mac computer. However, our software SignalRGB is not compatible with macOS. This means you will be unable to configure the lighting pattern and the keyboard will display the default color cycle lighting effect.

Still need help?

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