The Future of Smart Peripherals

There are a lot of sick PC gaming peripherals out there. Our team is a group of avid PC gamers, so trust me… we’ve tried a lot of them. Though many tout big promises of immersive gaming, we’ve learned after trial and error that they typically fall short. 

The issue is that most hardware brands are limited by individual game developer integrations, and can only provide customized experiences and effects for certain games. So, if it turns out the hardware setup you’ve shelled out for doesn’t support your favorite new releases down the road, you’re out of luck. 

Until now. We created Whirlwind FX to solve the problem with intuitive immersion and insane customization, minus the limits. Our software engine, Signal, is the game changer — it powers our growing ecosystem of smart peripherals using industry-first custom ambience technology. Via on-screen analysis, it detects and recognizes in-game events — explosions, varied environments, damage taken, health levels, healing, shields — and syncs dynamic RGB effects for customized illumination with ANY PC game.  So you can invest smarter in the future of immersive gaming.

Test out Element, our content-reactive RGB keyboard, and access a fast-growing library of game integrations for customized experiences and next-level reactive illumination. Our unique software allows us to rapidly design and create new game integrations every week, spanning from cult favorites to the most anticipated AAA releases, so we’ll never keep you waiting. Pairs well with Vortx, our RGB environmental simulator, and our FX Strips to ripple synced lighting across your entire rig. 

Looking for even deeper customization? We’re here for it. Signal is an open-platform lighting software, which means users can leverage basic HTML5/Canvas and Javascript skills to design and share custom lightscripts and reactive effects for the keyboard and partner lighting peripherals. If you’ve been meaning to brush up those, there’s obviously a Reddit for that, too. #quarantineskills

Bottom line? This is just the beginning. Our extensive software capabilities and smart peripherals go beyond RGB to open up unlimited possibilities. Sync with any game. Sync with any content. Welcome to the next evolution of interactive experiences.

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  • am i able to just use fx strips with the thing

    • Jack